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Dry Cleaners EPOS System

A dry cleaning business can bring in a steady stream of profits when it is managed in a convenient and smart way and can offer valuable and quick service to its customers. The EPOS System developed by EPOS Till System is a smart enough to deal with all the day activity of a drycleaner shop. It not only gives your customers a fast service but also serve as a Point of Sales system.

People do not want to spend a lot of time at the dry cleaner, and they want hassles free service. If you go with our EPOS System your customer will experience great customer service. We never compromise on quality.

Dry Cleaners EPOS Systems
EPOS Till System UK have been deploying Dry Cleaners EPOS systems, Dry Cleaners Touch Screen Tills to many businesses throughout the UK for over 15 years. Established in 1992 EPOS systems, back office software as well as excellent after sales care and technical support throughout the lifetime of your system.

Why choose a Dry Cleaners EPOS System?
The main benefits of an EPOS system (electronic point of sale) is that it will provide your business with unparalled control, security, reliability and futureproofing both in hardware and back office software. For Dry Cleaners Owners the main benefits include low cost receipt ticket printing, customer accounts, store name, address, telephone number, lost and found tickets, easy to use back office software, easy to use operation. Single site or multisite options available.

Why choose a Dry Cleaners EPOS System with EPOS Till System
EPOS Till System support hardware from top manufacturers including Casio, Toshiba TEC, Quorion, Geller, Sharp and Aures to name but a few. A vast majority of our software that we supply is sourced from our software developers Casio, Toshiba, Quorion, Geller and Sharp. These systems are reliable, robust and tried and tested in the field as well as being excellently priced on the market. Be careful of EPOS Suppliers / Companies who write there own software. This will be expensive and if you are not happy with the equipment / service you will be stuck with that company as the software is licensed and written by them!

Dry Cleaners EPOS Systems Online with EPOS Till System UK
With over 15 years experience in the industry we cradle every business model. Whether your business is single site, multi-site or a large chain we have the resources and quality, after-sales care to help support your staff, managers or head office application. Our EPOS Systems for Dry Cleaners will increase revenue for your business as it will identify critical elements of your business that are weak. EPOS Till Systems range of Dry Cleaners EPOS Systems will speed up transactions, increase customer throughput, provide increased sales and identify theft, provide operator security as well as most importantly provide the all important drilldown of your businesses using over 100 different types of reports to help pinpoint your business strengths and weaknesses.

Features of Dry Cleaners Epos System :-

  • Manage Your Business where ever you are in the world.
  • Fast & Easy to Learn & Use.
  • Suitable for Single Terminal & Multi Terminal.
  • Instant Updates are applied to the Whole System.
  • Online Querying System for Customers To Track Their Order.
  • Reduces Labor Costs (Customer Handling, Garment Racking, Garment Sorting)
  • Reduce Issues like (Lost Garments, Unclaimed Garments, Garments ReCleaning, Cash Shortage)
  • Garments/Products can be recognized by barcoded tags for fast & easy access.
  • Inventory control helps you track garments in any location of your store.
  • Eliminates Manual Paper-work and Managerial Headaches: Reduce the time you spend daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually on book-keeping and reports.
  • Lets You Learn From Your History: e.g. Sale Reports & Charts can show you how a promotion affected your sales.
  • Cash and Credit Card Mix Payment Option Available.
  • Automatic acknowledgement to Customer through SMS about Garments Collection when Garments are ready.
  • Till Drop System to Minimize Cash Theft.
  • Till Float can be defined from Back Office.
  • Till Readings (D-Reading, X-Reading & Z-Reading)
  • Separate Reading of Cash Drawer & PDQ Machine to instantly find Till Shortage.
  • Cash, Credit Card Details provided on Z-Reading.
  • Till Paid Outs.
  • SMS Alert About Z-Reading & Till Messages.
  • Employee Clock IN/OUT to manage Work History & Salary.
  • Paper Less Office System.
  • Accounts System to handle Purchases & Payments.
  • Head Office and Branches Activity.
  • Instant Message from Back Office to Cashier.
  • 24 Hour System Support.
  • 50+ Satisfied Clients.
  • Client Specific Development available.
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