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Retail EPOS System

EPOS systems are dire need of hour for retail  business as this business demand high level of accuracy and integration if one got good combination of hard ware and soft ware of EPOS system as per their needs as every business has completely different set of requirements.

The EPOS system developed by EPOS Till system for retailers is easy to use and multipurpose. Our EPOS system is rightly known as sales generator as it boosts your sales volume and multiplies your profit.

Speed and reliability of service are also important aspects of our EPOS system and the ability to add more features seamlessly is always a handy feature. This EPOS system that is easy to learn and simple to operate will increase efficiency in terms of sales and many other aspects of running your business.

Features of Retail EPOS system :-

  • Control your business From anywhere in the world.
  • Suitable for Single Terminal & Multi Terminal.
  • Just Scan The Barcode & Product Will Automatically Added into Your Till.
  • Apply Your Selling Price & Start Selling..
  • Continuous Growing Data of Millions of Retail Products From Every UK Supplier.
  • Almost Every Kind of Special Offer System.
  • Discount Card & Loyalty Card System.
  • Make Your Customers Loyal.
  • Payment Methods (Credit Card / Cash).
  • Hand-Held Terminal Support for Stock Take & Delivery.
  • Product Enquiry with Price, Stock & Location.
  • Till DROPS System to Minimize Cash Theft.
  • SMS Alerts About Z-Reading.
  • Value Back Voucher & Discount Voucher System.
  • Fruits & Vegetable Selling System.
  • Integrated Weighing Scales.
  • Meat Selling System With Weight Barcodes.
  • Integrated CCTV Surveillance. Watch & Know …
  • View Whole Day Activity in Just Few Hours.
  • Back Office with Dashboard.
  • Daily Sales Graph.
  • Hourly Sales Graph.
  • Monthly Sales Graph.
  • 24 x 7 Dedicated Training & Support.
  • 150+ Satisfied Clients.
  • Quick Response Over The Client Queries.
  • Customer Specific Development is Available.
  • Instant Remote Support - For Instant Resolution of Issues.
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